Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America makes history

America tonight elected the first African American President not to mention one of the youngest.

Americans were not the only people glued to their screens (computer/TV/phone) but so were the rest of the world including Kenya. Americans decision to elect Barack Obama affects not only America but the rest of the world. Will this decision provide a better foot for America to stand on when dealing with foreign policies? We hope so. It is time for this spiral into chaos to stop and for America to gain control.

President Elect Barack Hussein Obama made a touching speech in Chicago that made many emotional at witnessing this historic moment. He asked for the help of all Americans in changing where America is heading. He also pledged to listen to Americans especially when their opinions differed. He was humble and sombre as he retraced the historic moments America has witnessed. He acknowledged everyone who helped him in his journey and asked for hope to reign as he sets about returning America back to its former glory (even remarking that it might take more than a term to do that).

Tonight America proves that Americans do have a voice thus congratulations President Elect Barack Hussein Obama.

Monday, December 31, 2007


Have a wonderful and prosperous year ahead Nomads!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ciid Wanaagsan Dhamaantiin

Hello Bloggers!

A belated and heartfelt Eid greetings to all of you. I send our apologies on behalf of the SB contributors for being so tardy with updates. Life has been keeping us on our toes. We didnt even have the time to wish you all a very happy Eid on time. I hope you’ve all had a fantastic time. Did you guys do anything exciting? Why haven’t we seen pictures of happy faces on the blogs? Get to posting and sharing the eventful moments of your day(s)!

On another note, we have been making decisions regarding the new website content and layout and we are really happy to be on our way to making SB bigger and better. I hope the new platform will give all of us more inspiration and all you guys a more participatory role in the day-2-day working of our virtual place.. seeing as we could use more hands on keyboards to keep this place going.

Till next time, be safe!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ramadhan Kareem

Hiya folks, I can't believe its that time of year again. Its a time to replenish the spirit and awaken the soul. It is during this week amidst the fasting and preparations that we as Muslims should be listing our resolutions for the year and then during Ramadhan we implement the resolutions: such as listening to less music, reading more Quran, visiting the sickly, old get my point. I would love to request something from our bloggers during this month and that is to try and incorporate some Islamic teachings in their blogs. All of us have learnt something to do with Islam along the way and even if you don't know much about a topic, a personal account would even be more personable. I can understand that not everyone is going to partake in this and for those who are straddling the fence, think of it as an opportunity to better ourselves and learn from each other. Anyway, here is to wishing everyone a wonderful Ramadhan.

As a side note somaliblogs will be moving to a new home soon and will be getting a face lift (Inshallah). All our talk was not for naught. We appreciate all the input and help from folks out there and we are all excited to see our final work come to fruition. With the new set up we are probably going to need beta testers, so if you wish to come aboard drop us a line. Be good y'all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hello Bloggers

Though it may seem that this place has been wilfully neglected by its authors as it stands derelict and without as much as a post or a comment in sight for months on end, a whole range of discussions have been taking place behind the screens. We have been discussing ways to improve this site and what topics you would like to be covered and discussed. But no matter how much we wrung our brains to obtain something useful, our efforts have been rather fruitless. And this is where you come in.

We thought of continuing with highlighting the blogs listed here and exploring one blog at a time and share it with everyone but that is not much of an undertaking. Only a handful of bloggers, who stand as solitary soldiers amidst an ambush, have taken the task to update their blogs regularly, while their comrades have already disposed of their weapons as work and life has become hefty on them. The once warm and cosy place now stands desolate and uninviting with a list of bloggers stranded on the far side, majority of whom the monotony of pinging themselves has gotten the better of that they have abandoned the task altogether. (Please remember to Ping yourselves guys, poor Firefly is exhausted doing it everyday!)

So here we are now, dear friends, inviting you into the discussion so that we can figure out a way to move on from here with the blog… Any suggestions are welcome!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Are thou a Thinker or a Dreamer?

Did I give you a clue as to whom my spotlight is on? The picture the right speaks volumes of
what reaction Lone Dreamer elicits from me. On her blog you will find a range of subjects from her cute little everyday mishaps, the most memorable being her slaying of the Somali language to touching moments, like memories of her father. She is a profound writer. One who is able to give you a glimpse at the tumultuous waters that are raging within before shutting the shutters on you. Lone Dreamer couples breadth with quality, making for an interesting and stimulating read,with an end result of HMMM.... Kudos to her, because I do believe she is one of our most up to date blogs not to mention greatest supporter of SomaliBlogs. Lone Dreamer seems to never run out of things to say (write) nor do we ever want her to. Keep on musing!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back from the dead

I figured I owed some of the folks an explaination for the hiatus I took. I was gone for a while to go visit my great grandma in Kenya and I made a few detours on my way there. Here is the deal, I went with my laptop with every intention of reading blogs and writing out my reviews for them. In the midst of the family gatherings and the late nights catching up I did get some reading done but I was unable to get proper internet connection, not to mention I was too impatient to wait for stuff to load on my page whilst using the poor excuse for internet in Africa. So I wrote it and saved it but the sad news is two days prior to my departure I had to make a one day visit and I didn't particularly feel like lugging my laptop with. I left it with someone and when I came back my laptop was not working. I figured they dropped it but they didn't own up. Back in the states the diagnosis was my harddrive was F**ked and I had to kiss all my files goodbye. I became a techkie not to mention all my friends tried to help me out but it was no use. I replaced the old one and got a new one, but I can't seem to be able to get my old files back unless I pay over 3K. So I apologize to all the people that I did reviews on and I will hopefully get my brain working again and recall what nice and not so nice things I said about you. Till then bear with me and join me as I mourn the loss of all my precious files.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bloggers Fear Somali Insurgency

As the conflict in Somalia intensifies and the situation worsens, the world media promptly seeks out for the uncensored reactions of the people of The Horn in the Diaspora. And in today’s world what better way to do this than in the blogging world. Just like in Baghdad, the media has now turned its face to the bloggers to assess the emotional impact the war in their native country has on them.

This latest article below comes from the BBC.

"Members of the international blogging community have given their reaction to the role of Ethiopian troops in Somalia where Islamic militias have been defeated.

"'The air raids have begun, the air raids have begun. Ethiopia has entered Somalia.' My mother kept repeating the words hardly able to believe it herself... Words I never thought I'd hear. Words that made my heart race and my blood boil. I cannot think straight."

That was the scene in the Canadian-Somali household of blogger Muslimah as Ethiopian and Somali government troops launched a devastating assault on Islamist forces in Somalia, pushing them out of stronghold after stronghold by sheer force of arms...

Read more here

I urge you, my fellow bloggers, to update you blogs regularly. Having a blog is easy but maintaining it requires some commitment – and that is what we need from you, that little extra commitment. With regards to matters concerning Somalis, the first place people will look at is the Internet and in particular the Blogosphere. Citizen journalism has taken off a long time ago, do your part!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

For better or worse, 2006 has gone forever. May this year be a long prosperous year for you and your family. May the fresh 365 days to come inspire you to do something fresh and amazing.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Updating Glitch

Dear Bloggers,

There's a problem with the blog roll, in that some of the non-blogger blogs (what a mouthful) are not updating when a new post is posted. This is due to a problem with the blogrolling website.

For blogs hosted by sites other than blogger: when you publish a new post, it's advisable to go to and manually update your blog by filling in the 'ping form'. Blogger-hosted blogs usually update themselves, but if they don't, please follow the same procedure. You don't need to register in order to 'ping'.


Monday, November 20, 2006

A long time coming

She is a warrior with words and a voyeur with images. Her works vibrate and emote what lies beneath the surface. She is BlueEpocha. A poet and photographer that hails from the Canadian country. BlueEpocha has two blogs, Anamnesis Vista hosts her photographic images including three official photoshoots and one prize winning picture. On the other hand, Vase of a Phase, showcases her poetic talent. There are thousands of folks that walk this earth and yet only a fraction of them will grace us with the essence of their soul. BlueEpocha captures two different worlds and merges them succinctly to form her world. A world that invites you the reader to connect through your internal dialogue. What you see and what you read in her blogs transcedes & brings forth the dialogue we hold within ourselves and with it, we (the reader) comes to a realization that there is a string of thought, of conscious, of being that runs through and between our worlds. She is an inspiration and in light of that, comes a dedication from the works of a Noble Prize poet.

But I forgot that your hands fed the roots,
watering the tangled roses,
till your fingertips bloomed
full, in a natural peace.

Like pets, your hoe and your sprinkling can
follow you around, biting and licking the earth.
That work is how you let this richness loose,
the carnations fiery freshness.

I wish the love and dignity of bees for your hands,
mixing and spreading their transparent brood
in the earth: they cultivate even my heart,

so that I am like scorched rock
that suddenly sings when you are near, because it drinks
the water you carry from the forest, in your voice

By Pablo Neruda.

Take light not what I said, for I do not think I did her justice. Seeing is believing and therefore take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with her works.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A vision for the Sightless

He stares at me with profound enthusiasm as I speak to him of my friend’s engagement. His round pupils become dilated at once and, following the direction of my voice, gaze deeper into my soul as I narrate to him the special occasion of a friend’s engagement ceremony he had missed. He nods his head up and down to reassure me of his responsiveness and understanding of what is being discussed. He pictures, all in his head with great detail, every word that I announce to him.

Alla! hadaad arki lahayd siduu Maxamad u lebisnaa waad yaabi lahayd, I say, shedding light on the colourful event, not thinking about my words, using them metaphorically to enlighten him. Just after completing that sentence it struck me, God! How could I be so vain to talk to a blind man of what wondrous thing I see or the brilliance of colours and clothes when all he stares into is darkness and nothing but blackness constitutes his daily life?
How could I have been so heedless of my words when for him only blackness stretches far and wide and reigns supreme in his life? How could I talk to him of things for which he cannot catch their glance? To this day, I kick myself for that, and regard highly of my Friend, whose world is categorized by the amalgamation of different voices. All praise due to Allah for his Blessings!
He ne'er had seen one earthly sight;
The sun, the day; the stars, the night;
Or tree, or butterfly, or flower,
Or fish in stream, or bird in bower,
Or woman, man, or child.

W. Wordsworth

p.s I pass my greetings to all the Somali Bloggers around the Globe, and Thank you fair ladies of SomaliBlogs for the addition. ;)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Making contact

Hey Bloggers,
Just thought I should give you guys a heads up. If there is any issues,concerns or you just want to talk/contact with FOC,Firefly or I please use the e-mail link at the bottom of the blog roll and that should get your message to us. The contact is It is checked at least once a day so feel free to use it. Have a great week!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Come One, Come All

What are you doing on DECEMBER 15th?

I'll tell you what! If you are living in London attend the evening celebrating fatherhood, organised by Nomadic Expression and win prizes! The charity, Nomadic Expression, main objective is to bring young people and their parents together so that they may learn and play together. Aside from such a noble cause, Nomadic Expression also seeks to create leaders in the community. Their first project will be The Evening Celebrating Fatherhood. So Bloggers in UK, here are different ways to participate in making this an evening of bridges and ties that will usher in a new beginning.

1. The event will be organised by interested young people who will as a result gain experience in event management, PR & Media, fund-raising and sponsorship etc. See more here: Particular focus on CONEL, North London.

2. Nomadic Expression needs a leader in at least one school in North, South,East and West London. There are already leaders for South and North London.East and West Londoners- if you are a teacher or a youth worker at a school and want to be the charity's point of contact there, introducing the headteacher, head of years, teachers and students to the poetry contest, the story-telling competition and the evening celebrating fatherhood, get in touch. Poetry judge to be announced very soon! Information and support will be provided to you.

3. If you have a talent you would like to share with 500 people at the evening celebrating fatherhood get in touch and show us what you can do!Whatever age you are, remember the poetry contest, storytelling competition and talent sharing is open to you. See here:

4. If you run a business that can sponsor the event or contribute a prize to the poetry contest winners, write to us too.Nomadic Expression aims to bring together all involved every Saturday for a couple of hours to catch up on the progress of the competitors, leaders,talents. Venue confirmed soon.

It will be an evening full of talent and fun. Poets, perfomers, storytellers, comedians etc are going to grace the stage. If you have a talent that you want to showcase infront of 500 people please contact with your name, age and contact info. More information on entry guidelines and requirements can again be found @ Don't miss out on this night!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Eid Mubarak

I watched this group perform when I was in UK during Eid. It brings memories of the Eid festival held by the joint association of muslim students in Manchester. Eid Mubarak Ya Somali bloggers! May Allah accept our fast during the month of Ramadhan and may we incorporate the many lessons we learnt during Ramadhan into our daily life. May Allah help us in being fulltime muslims and not seasonal/part-time muslims. I pray this for me and for all of our Ummah. Amin!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A PEACHY character

Pucca's corner aptly named after a Korean character that doesn't give up was brought forth by Pucca. At the moment, I do believe it is manned by two other individuals. During the course of a year or so, I have wandered over to her side of the blogosphere to see what she is up to. Pucca has grown infront of my eyes. She constantly questions concepts/norms around her. One of my most memorable posts is one about her grandfather and how he passed away due to a reckless driver. The other post was the discovery of a recurring nightmare that she finally realized was a memory of her family's flight during the civil war. In her twenties, she sometimes gives me food for thought with her posts. I am not one to place people in boxes but I do believe she is the first somali I have ever met who is into alternative rock. In closing, I would like to say to me Pucca is a character and an interesting one at that.

A Minor Announcement

Blogrolling i.e. the site that shows the updated links has been down for two days and thats why the updated blogs have not been showing on the right hand side. So I've re-organized the links in alphabetical order (to make searching easier) until things get back to normal. Hope its as easy for you guys to find your favourite blogs now than it has been for the past couple of days. I know its quite annoying to individually check the various blogs for updates and mostly find out there have been none.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Ramadan Kariim Blogsphere!

A big fat Ramadan kariim to each and everyone of you!

May you have an excellent and blessed month, I'A.

p.s. We've had to change the last template because it had glitches. Hope the new one looks OK on your screens. Please report any chaotic or disorderly observations regarding the template.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Collage of the world

On February the 16th, Espresso Royale Commentaries, the blog child of three people was conceived. The proud parents were Banaadir, Madame Mysterious and off course Urban-Geeljire. A precedent was set early on with the first post linking an article by Abubak Ali,"The Land of the Gods-A brief study of Somali Etymology and its historio-linguistic potential." From then on there was no looking back. From the Cartoon controversy to politics in East Africa to reflections of trips back home, this blog certainly does cater to most palates. Personally my blog hopping is not complete without taking a look at this blog. A recent addition to the contributors is Maua and Cjuu preceding her/him. Maua is a contributor to another website, which at first glance seems to be a commentary site geared to kenyans. I recently became more intuned to media and one phrase that has struck me is "imagined community". Somali blogs is my imagined community and to make this community flourish, I would urge each and everyone of you to arm themselves with information. Information that not only pertains to us but to the world as a whole. Building these connections within our virtual somali community can then be translated and practiced in a real time society. Make it then your aim to learn something/gain new understanding each time you visit our virtual and thriving somali community.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A quick welcome to the new bloggers

Hello everyone,

Just want to take this opportunity to welcome the newest additions to our corner of Blogsphere; Nonchalante, Mr. A. Shirwa, Ihsaan, Admin, Hombre, Sam and Flight-13.

The same welcome goes to recent additions The Two Advocates, The Calm Optimist, Dee Nooh, Angry Somali Man, Shirwa Jama, Lone Dreamer, Somali Canadian, Idil, Xquizit Dreams, 5F and Filsan

Of course, the welcome also extends to all the established bloggers who didn't get one when they found their way to this watering hole.

Keep up the good work!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Stats and Twats

Since I have been forced to concoct something quickly, I shall post some traffic stats for the site. Yes, it's time for the good people of Bloggerland to sit back and tighten their belts for a statistics assault on the senses! Err, maybe 'assault' isn't the right word to use, perhaps 'tickle' is a better fit. Yes, that's it....get ready to be tickled, folks! Oh who cares...just pay attention, will you? Daft beggers.

Visitors to Somali Blogs

  • Total Number of Unique Visitors Since March: 5,987
  • Number of Average Visitors by day: 51
  • Number of Visitors this Week: 359

Country Share

Naturally, the Brits are not only the most active bloggers but they also make up most of the visitors. As usual they are followed lazily by the Americans and Canadians further down. A ragtag group of Arabs and Africans [Edit: and Europeans] bring up the rear. See the colourful diagram below for further clarification.

Interesting, huh?

Stats from Site Meter

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Welcome New Member

Yes, SomaliBlogs has a new contributor who is far more active and vibrant than me and SD put together (or so we hope). Of course, in our defence, we have had alot to contend with lately.

Welcome Firefly.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Neglected Corner

I feel absolutely terrible for deserting this site for the past few months and not giving our new comers a welcome, keeping the community together and most pressing to me - giving this space its own flavour. I hope you all forgive me, I’ve every intention of doing something about it soon.

I’ve been incredibly busy with finding a job, hosting guests from Canada, then France and now Holland and trying to enjoy the weather while it lasts.

In the meantime, can I extend a warm welcome to the new comers (especially Firefly, who after some serious begging has allowed me to add her – terrific blog I’ve been the sole reader of for almost a year…check it out); thank those who keep their blogs constantly updated and those who check back with us every now and then.

Keep Smiling

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pace Magazine

Just want to let you all know that the new issue (10) of Pace Magazine is out. Please check it out and give Adishu, the editor in chief, your feedback.

This issue is dedicated to Somaliland and has alot of articles that portray Somaliland from the perspective of the ordinary Somali(lander). It provides a new insight into life in 'everday Somaliland'.


Monday, March 13, 2006

Bill Ainashe

Seriously I haven't abandoned you lot to fend for yourself. I apologize for not continuing to post the highlights for the bloogers as we find them. FOC has done a wonderful job of keeping me up with the new links and I appreciate and thank all those who help with tips and advice not to mention encourage us along the way.

Back to Bill Ainashe, shall we? What can I say about this brother? I am not one for politics as many of my friends can concur. I keep away from it at all cost. Somalia to me was but an abstract concept. I never set foot in the country nor was I ever inclined to find out about it. What Mukhtar Ainashe has done is open a portal for me to Somalia, put simply. Food crisis in Somalia is one of his sites that is linked in our blog. He is a graduate of University of Oslo, University of East Anglia & Sheffield Hallam University. He currently works at the World Bank in Washington DC and resides in the great state of Virginia. His blog doesn't only contain news about Somalia but it also contains very useful links to other sites that can help one to gather information on certain issues that he touches upon in his commentaries. Mukhtar is not afraid to speak his mind at all especially on issues that he feels passionately about. His approach seems to break down the issue in a logical progression which lets face it makes it easier for some of us who don't have a head for political discussion. Last but not least he is an avid cyber contributor in every sense of the word i.e he pops up in some sites and articles. I will wrap up the spotlight on Mukhtar Ainashe by stating a suspicion I have of him. I do believe he is an SOL member and I for one would be mighty interested to know his username on that forum board. So bloggers if you wish to find out what is going on in your homeland stop on by Mukhtar's blog!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

To Blog, or not to Blog: that is the question:

I have been juggling with the idea of posting a HOW TO BLOG segment for our blog, for anyone interested in blogging. As soon as I started to write and research, I came across this fantastic link that has all the information you need to know to get started and stay as a Blogger. So any attempts on my part to write something similar would look mediocre at best and pathetic at worst.

Please click here to read the handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents.

Having scanned the ‘blogophere’, there is a distinct lack of serious Somali bloggers. It actually came as a surprise to me that there is virtually no Somali Blogger on Somali soil giving us live feeds from our anarchist (give or take) and unrecognized states. At least not one I could find.

Somalia is at a stage were we, as nationals, can nurture it to conform to our ideals. It is a fertile ground for a grassroots movement. In an age where bloggers are seen as ‘real journalists’ reporting on the news behind the news, showcasing ideas and calling for changes in their respective governments, I would think Somali bloggers would be at the forefront of the blogging revolution calling for peace and statehood in their homeland. There are so many causes that need someone to speak up for them. Somalis need a fresh exchange of ideas, fair criticism and improvements on current affairs. A real understanding of how far (or backward) we have come geographically, intellectually and spiritually. Think of the political and economic power that can come from a unified community that is in constant communication....thats freedom right there.

We have youths in the our diaspora who are bright, intelligent and ambitious and on the other hand we have those who are ignorant, lazy and uninspired. We need a support system to challenge and drive these individuals to better themselves and ultimately their nation. Blogging could be a way for them to gain common ground by sharing common experiences not to mention that it is a great and useful channeling of energies. There is no limit to what one can post about, from daily musing to poetry to recipes. I mean the list is never ending so go ahead dive into it and test the waters. You might just like the feel of it!

Take it away current citizens of the blog-planet. Tell us what turned you to blogging.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Choose what flag?

I've been thinking long and hard about what the new template should look like.. and I must say, I'm stumped for ideas. I was looking for pics that would identify us as Somalis, but the camels, people in traditional clothes and acacia tree pics seemed a little dull and overdone. Most other resource pages have some elements/colours of the country's flag...but we’ve two flags (please, no indignant mutterings about the existence/non-existence of Somaliland ;D). So I decided to make an experimental flag and make all parties happy… What do you guys think of that?

No worries SD, this is not going to be the header (unless there is a unanimous yey vote for it *wink*)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Shafi Said

Peace of Mind is the name of Shafi's blog. The template that he chose for his blog is quite aptly put HIM; the old type quill that has fallen out of grace just like original thought in this day of age. Shafi has a handful of posts on his blog and out of them I would like to highlight a couple. The first one is the one that I read when I clicked on his link. The death of his friend and his feelings towards it. How life passes most of us by while we frolic in the sun believing in immortality due to age. He asks the questions that most of us are faced with when death comes too close to our lives. Human life is fickle and so is a human mind. We forget so easily that we are but visitors on this earth and death is there to remind us. Shafi also touches on issues of Somalia in his blog. His post on whether the elders have failed us is beautifully written and encompasses the youth desolute outlook at the land we called home to the ever present woman who has no choice but to work tirelessly and smooth away the wrinkles in her corner of the world. I would definately recommend for you (the reader) to check this blog out.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


It would only be fitting if we started the ball rolling with our resident blogger Mr. Ngonge. His blog professes to know THE MYTH ABOUT GOLDFISH. Ngonge's blog is a blog that will let loose the mirth of childhood. He takes the mundane of things and builds a world of imagination around it. His style of writing is reminiscent of Paulo Coehlo in simplicity but Ngonge adds a dose of humor. More importantly to note though is that Ngonge's writing does not only amuse but educates. These stories leave a mark on your mind and at times they pull at your heart strings because they remind you of your past. Definately a wonderful blog to go through whenever you need amusement and smarts in the same dose.

Ps:- Ngonge also has a second blog with almost similar tales called Nomadic Ramblings.
Happy Reading.

Welcome Message

Welcome... this blog will house all the somali-written (As in the person being somali... not the language... see the problem with having both the language and the people being called by the same name? I propose 'Somalian' for the people.. :D) blogs around the globe. There is only one criterion to being linked - you must hail from or have roots in the horn (Somalia, Somaliland).

The aim of this blog is to create a resource of somali blogs. Several times a month we will highlight a blog of choice. The post will include a slight synopsis of what the blog is about and of course if we know a little about the author we will highlight key points of what their aim of blogging is and how they got into the 'bloggin scene'. We would really appreciate any help we receive and of course co-operation of our fellow bloggers. Inshallah this will be a wonderful endeavor for both the reader and us.

If you are a somali blogger, please leave us a comment on this post and let us know where your blog is so we can link you.