Tuesday, February 07, 2006

To Blog, or not to Blog: that is the question:

I have been juggling with the idea of posting a HOW TO BLOG segment for our blog, for anyone interested in blogging. As soon as I started to write and research, I came across this fantastic link that has all the information you need to know to get started and stay as a Blogger. So any attempts on my part to write something similar would look mediocre at best and pathetic at worst.

Please click here to read the handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents.

Having scanned the ‘blogophere’, there is a distinct lack of serious Somali bloggers. It actually came as a surprise to me that there is virtually no Somali Blogger on Somali soil giving us live feeds from our anarchist (give or take) and unrecognized states. At least not one I could find.

Somalia is at a stage were we, as nationals, can nurture it to conform to our ideals. It is a fertile ground for a grassroots movement. In an age where bloggers are seen as ‘real journalists’ reporting on the news behind the news, showcasing ideas and calling for changes in their respective governments, I would think Somali bloggers would be at the forefront of the blogging revolution calling for peace and statehood in their homeland. There are so many causes that need someone to speak up for them. Somalis need a fresh exchange of ideas, fair criticism and improvements on current affairs. A real understanding of how far (or backward) we have come geographically, intellectually and spiritually. Think of the political and economic power that can come from a unified community that is in constant communication....thats freedom right there.

We have youths in the our diaspora who are bright, intelligent and ambitious and on the other hand we have those who are ignorant, lazy and uninspired. We need a support system to challenge and drive these individuals to better themselves and ultimately their nation. Blogging could be a way for them to gain common ground by sharing common experiences not to mention that it is a great and useful channeling of energies. There is no limit to what one can post about, from daily musing to poetry to recipes. I mean the list is never ending so go ahead dive into it and test the waters. You might just like the feel of it!

Take it away current citizens of the blog-planet. Tell us what turned you to blogging.


Firefly said...

'Ello 'ello...just doing my weekly rounds.

Wot's this then? To blog or not to blog? Why do I blog? All worthy questions.

I will await the answers. ;)

Somalithinker said...

I agree with you that we need to see more blogers from Home as well as those in the Diaspora.

Gulab Jamun said...

Fabulous idea if I could only see pictures. I can live with some commentary but pictures, pictures, pictures is what I need to see from back home. If any Somali is out there, I'll dutifully read all your opinions and your warped view of the world if only you'd bribe me with PICTURES.

This is could be the beginning of something great. I hope.

euhippus said...

I don't know... Ill give it a try... but I'm either gonna waste hours on this thing, or I'm gonna forget all about it, except for late at night, when little twinges of shame will keep me from falling sleep only they won't be so severe as to get me out of my warm bed...

I just don't know.

Farah Blue said...

Great site here. I'm a blogger too. So put me on that list waryaada and feel free to come to my Aqal and smell the Unsi.

Farah Blue said...

PS. I'm Danyer from SOL for the nomads amongst us here.

Flower.of.Chaos said...

^ Welcome and done! Glad to have you onboard primate! :P

Ahmed "Quick" said...

Thank you for making my blog part of the somali blog family. I realy appreciate your efforts.

Thank you
I'll make a link on my blog for somali blog Insha'alaah.

Ahmed Quick

The Rendezvous said...

While reading http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/5195714.stm , I remembered
"To bLog, or not to blog"..

Anonymous said...

Somali Conflicts

International communities(IC) are diminishing to encounter Somalia conflict.
Somalia civilians are tormenting post civil war, drought, famine, flood and luck of security almost 17 years. IC still unable to understand Somalia mentality in a generally and what Somali wishes in a normally. IC has not yet come out a clear policy to toward a Somalia after UN intervention collapse in 1995 after that failure IC adapted a blind policy to toward Somalia. IC unable to consider the plight of Somalia civilians wants stable government and greater security. IC tranquil not sees a danger facing Somalia civilians and the Horn of Africa regions. If IC cannot act together in a Somalia policy, stability, security, and peace building mission will lead a failure or even deterioration situation. Somalia conflicts may be seemed within Somalia clashes but not on the ground. Somalia conflicts will lead greater disaster and engulf entire of East Africa regions. IC cannot afford a state without a central governments otherwise Somali state may already be a heaven a terrorism groups and planning something very nasty for particularly western interest in Horn of Africa Regions. IC a determination and act together needs greater urgency on the international stages back by political will and sending international peace keeping forces includes NATO and IGAD on the ground to stabilize the Somali regions and back by a nation building process.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news

Somalia eyewitness claiming he saw a group of Pakistanis and Taliban Mans open up Training Camps in Somalia capital ex Police Academy near the Mogadishu harbour. The eyewitness even heard a big explosion near vicinity after that he heed gun fires and merriment. When he approach closely to vicinity he saw women’s and man’s dressing up black dresses and shouting God is great, we ready to fight until the end. This eyewitness claiming that he saw different events, how to make bomb likes IED and plantings on the road. The Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) leaders was watching that events and given honour badge each military personals. Another eyewitness claiming he saw large convoy heading toward Somalia’s weak Baidoa-based transitional government he say this is the likelihood the war is imminent in that region. The Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) one of the leaders who spoken out while concealing his identity confirmed that argument and advising the Civilians must leave that area otherwise we are not responsible their safeties

Mukhtar said...

Breaking news

Somalia eyewitness claiming he saw a group of Pakistanis and Taliban Mans open up Training Camps in Somalia capital ex Police Academy near the Mogadishu harbour. The eyewitness even heard a big explosion near vicinity after that he heed gun fires and merriment. When he approach closely to vicinity he saw women’s and man’s dressing up black dresses and shouting God is great, we ready to fight until the end. This eyewitness claiming that he saw different events, how to make bomb likes IED and plantings on the road. The Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) leaders was watching that events and given honour badge each military personals. Another eyewitness claiming he saw large convoy heading toward Somalia’s weak Baidoa-based transitional government he say this is the likelihood the war is imminent in that region. The Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) one of the leaders who spoken out while concealing his identity confirmed that argument and advising the Civilians must leave that area otherwise we are not responsible their safeties

Anonymous said...

Iraq Study Group failed to deliver key points in Iraq civil wars.
Failures recognise key issue why the US and Britain endure military adventures in that country. Still failure to admit public and apologise whole world that Iraq war was grieve mistake in both civilise world. It will be a matter of time that US administration will admit a full failure and bring its own troop at home.

Iraq and part of Middle East states become a lawless and engulf a civil war in that region if it’s continuous the strategy US and Britain adept early on. It seems that Mr Bush and Blair still underestimated the true picture of Iraq war and what Iraqis wish in a generally state. Recent press conference both leaders has vague idea and not facing the reality in the ground. Both leaders emphasis solving the problem between Israel state and Palestine issue but they still undermining UN charts and principle of the UN mission in the around globe. International community isn’t facing their responsibility to protect and encourage civilian’s population around globe to have basic freedom and human rights protocol. Every human race shares equal value and dignity.

Somalia conflicts the International community is also failing to address key issue regarding Somali conflicts. The recent UN draft isn’t good enough to help Somalia conflicts. It’s encouraging more conflicts in that region. Really issue that peace keeping force should be includes NATO forces and total number of peace keeping force is needed in Somali region should be around 26000 subdividing the bulk of personal in region area in order to help peacekeeping and stabilize in each area.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News
Somalia fighting erupted between the Transition Federal Government (TFG) and Islamic Court while the fighting was continuous both frontline until one hour ago.
There is scores of casualties both sides includes several civilian deaths. Islamic court leaders claiming that Ethiopian military personals and helicopter gunship was involving the fighting by the two frontline Diinsoor and Bandiradley.
The Transition Federal Government (TFG) has not yet confirmed that claims or denies. Eyewitness described that event and the morally of Islamic militias are very high. Islamic court militia’s reinforcement is heading both frontlines and promise more suppressers tactics to defeat the government, Ethiopian forces and any international peace keeping forces on the ground

Anonymous said...

Islamic Court leaders declared Jihads against Transitional federal Governments (TFG) officials includes the president Abdullah Yusuf, prime ministry Prof Gedi and Mr Hussein Adeed and some ministerial officials will be named later.

Islamic court leaders say its Islamic duty to eliminate the puppet government and urged fellow Muslim to rise against this puppet regime.
Islamic Court is willing to informing that any innocent parliamentary personals must leave the Baidoa region within 48 hours. The innocent civilian’s population avoid any contacts between government’s places and military bases if not we are not responsible their safety. Islamic court officials confirmed that 20 mujahideen personnel went a suicidal mission into Ethiopian targets without given any specific cities.

Islamic courts leaders specific Dahir Aweys and Sheekh Yuusuf Indhacade both man mention that If US governments doesn’t stop meddling our internal affairs or not stopping reconnaissance flight within our sovereign right. US government will pay a heavy price within East Africa regions and around globe. Islamic Union Court leaders and militias are well determining to defeat the enemy of God and Somalia as they putted and blamed the US administration.

Islamic Union Court leaders declares the peace initiatives is a failure no longer be valid our party. The fighting will be continuances until our objective are met.
1. To drive out all Ethiopian military personals within Somali tertiary includes Ogaden region and any other foreign troops in our soil
2. Overthrow puppet governments
3. United all Somalia includes Somaliland and Puntland
4. Law must be a Sharia law ( Islamic Law)
5. Held direct election within 2 years “all Somali region “

Islamic Courts leaders say that above points are not negotiable.

Transitional federal Governments (TFG) officials cannot comment above points, the threat given their officials. The Prime Minister Prof Gedi we cannot negotiation with the terrorism groups based in Mogadishu. Its matter of time they will bring full control, law and order and justices in that region.

Somalia peace process and nation building effort are distant future. Both sides are unimaginable position.

mohamed yassein said...

Somali conflicts update

Islamic Union Court (IUC) leaders given an ultimate to Ethiopian military personals present our tertiary within seven days from today, otherwise face the consequences and responsible a war which will be erupting after the ultimate pass way.

(IUC) leaders calling upon International community and free world to intervene Somali conflicts especially Ethiopian involvement which will bring dire consequence not only Somalia region but the entire East Africa Region.

(IUC) leaders declare that recent UN draft resolution adapted last week was sinister endeavour bring more miserable to Somalia civilians and Somali region. They will never recognise UN draft and it’s irrelevant to Somalia conflicts.

(IUC) leaders mention from today they will increase taxation 9% from Airport and port in general and any other business and market will be increases from 1.5% to 4.5%. It is everyone interest to contribute function society and help (IUC) military movement.
In general point view (IUC) leaders are not seeing their own mess situation and unrealistic approach to international community and neighbours country but they only rely on Iran government and some Middle East governments for financial aid and military expertise and weapon supplies to channelled through Eritrea port.
From three sources admitted that Iran and Saudi involvements are too deep in Somalia. (IUC) leaders openly admitted that Iran government will have full access Uranium resource and any other materials will be useful for them; in return they will help us to build infrastructures Road, Ports and Airport and Health care facilities and power plant.

global soul said...

Hey nice site here. Just started blogging....check me out sometime

Anonymous said...

Somali conflict

Islamic court militias has not yet full defeated as it seems now .International Community has to act sooner rather then later. International community has obligation under UN chart to send international peace keeping forces and must include NATO forces in Somali. Somalia militias and clan base must be disarmed immediately without any further delay. Somali Transitional Government must act together for nation building process and disarmament issues. Somali transitional government must honor their full responsibility in the international stages and local. Somali societies must respect their own governments and obey the law and order. Every Somalia must joint and fulfilled their statehood for new begin and new era

Anonymous said...

International Community didn’t have a clear picture what is happening in Somalia.
International community didn’t full understand why Islamic Union Court militias become powerful militias and control much of Somalia for the last six months.
Islamic Union court militias come on power for several reasons.

1. They a very closely link to-Qaeda groups and well trained in Afghanistan during soviet invasion and after Taliban rules. They followers to be estimated around 10.000-15000 well educated their method and proper behaviour, they called themselves Shabab militias.
2. They mainly back by Hawiye tribes, especially sub clan Habergadir and mostly based in Mogadishu and surrounding area. They are predominantly business holder in the capitals.
3. They don’t like to be part civil functional government; they want to remain status queue, (as Somalia not having an effectively central government for the future.
4. They want to undermine the only legitimate transitional of federal government in Somalia.

As international community make an effort to bring durable peace and nation building processes of Somalia. They must consider following points

1. The obligation to speak one voice and one policy to help a Somalia.
2. They should send a peacekeeping force immediately without further delays into Somalia. The peacekeeping forces should be includes NATO member state not only African forces.
3. They ought to have mandates includes disarmament issues and building effective police forces and armed forces.
4. They must strength in the transitional federal government not to weaken again.
5. They must not allow warlords to regain control in Somalia

The Transitional federal government also must act as a government not as warlords, have a clear policy to toward all Somalia regions and engage with the societies in general for policymaking. They must bring law and order under control in the capital of Somalia. They must act together and have one voice and one objective to succeed or failure. I hope that the international community will not lose again in this great opportunity in Somalia and that brings the permanent peace in Somalia populations.

Anonymous said...

It's so random how I got here.
Well, I'm Somali...and I blog.


Anonymous said...

hello everyone

hi www.cursedsilly.wordpress.com

and all commentators etc.

I heard that there was a hill in southern somalia that they removed with bulldozers and planted on the aircraft carrier eisenhower but I have no proof. Beginning to think it's just a rumour but it would be good to verify, especially if that hill had minerals in it.

when they attacked the so called terrorists and kidnapped so called alquaeda is the time they got the opportunity to take this little hill, so I am told.

Anybody know anything?

Anonymous said...

Testing waters..This site seems hella cool. Just wished i new about it sooner. ANother fellow Somali Blogger...officially..starting NOW!

Mustafa said...

hey, glad to see other Somali bloggers. add me to the list.

The Author said...

Salaamu Calaykum

Just letting you guys now that I am a blogger under the name of choosing the hereafter.

you can add me on the list.

Na'ima B. Robert said...

Asalaamu alaikum
I'm more a somaliphile than a Somali but I am blogging about my new book about teenage Somali life in London at http://fromsomalia-withlove.blogspot.com
The website is www.somalialove.com

Do I get to be added to the list or are ajnabis not allowed :)

Anonymous said...

I'd counter this.

I myself thought the same thing; that there's very few Somali bloggers and prominent Web 2.0 users and contributers out there. I recently found out, however; that there are quite a few, but most don't really go out and about touting the title of 'Somali' while blogging, vlogging, or contributing to the Web 2.0 world.

Like myself.

Anonymous said...

I do agree though that it would contribute greatly to the whole 'Save Somalia' cause and idea if there were on-site bloggers and writers of the war; like bloggers in Iraq, Turkish Cyprus, Tibet and such. Of course the limiting factors have to be considered; like how to get a stable internet connection, getting somebody who can write in English, non-biased bloggers, ones who'll last for more than a week...the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

somalia people are all thieves and pirates, why do they need blogs?

Jonathan said...

All pirates in Somali should be HUNG when captured just like the old days. As far as the surivors they can't find who hijacked the ship and got 3 million I hope the SHARKS get them. No remorse for terorists or pirates cause they have no remorse for those they harm so good for them. Pigs deserve to get slaughtered.

Anonymous said...

Johnathan; Try to understand this. If your ocean is being polluted by foreign vessels AND your fish is being stolen. What are you to do? Remember they are POOR people. Fishing is all they've got. If you take that away from them... They will have nothing. Try to weight out both sides. You take away someone's LIVELY HOOD AND SOURCE OF FOOD then you will have a definite problem. Although, I don't support their tactics I do understand their view point. So give it a rest.

kaaahin said...

i thank you for putting things in prespective i tell you a lot of our people are in need of understading of how to make their live better and make their country safe.. unfortunatly our people are thinking still the backward thinking, like tribal mentality...
what is succeses to you if everyone around you if failling...
god have givins us a land and country wich every one is trowing to the wolfs...

kaahin said...

thanks for every thing brother keep up the good work,, yo can visit my blog at badbaadinta umada

Anonymous said...

have seen this bloger it has daily somali news update

Anonymous said...

or find it on mareeg.com

Anonymous said...

I like your site very informative


Anonymous said...

Somalis have absolute right to protect their coastlines from illegal foreign fishermen, who are taking advantage of the chaos in Somalia. however, the big problem is that the Pirates are capitalizing in all these drama. The millions of ransom dollars will fuel anarchy and blood shed in the country. At end, few will be happy and the common men and women will continue to suffer. Somalia needs a stable government soon. Somali men have failed creating a stable Somalia for so long. It's time that Somali women to take charge of the country.

Rahma said...

hey your blogs are real good intresting as well, a bit similar to mine. Not enough people know the situation in Somalia.
I have actually begun my own blog recently, come and take a look at it.

SuperChimy said...

i love somalia