Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back from the dead

I figured I owed some of the folks an explaination for the hiatus I took. I was gone for a while to go visit my great grandma in Kenya and I made a few detours on my way there. Here is the deal, I went with my laptop with every intention of reading blogs and writing out my reviews for them. In the midst of the family gatherings and the late nights catching up I did get some reading done but I was unable to get proper internet connection, not to mention I was too impatient to wait for stuff to load on my page whilst using the poor excuse for internet in Africa. So I wrote it and saved it but the sad news is two days prior to my departure I had to make a one day visit and I didn't particularly feel like lugging my laptop with. I left it with someone and when I came back my laptop was not working. I figured they dropped it but they didn't own up. Back in the states the diagnosis was my harddrive was F**ked and I had to kiss all my files goodbye. I became a techkie not to mention all my friends tried to help me out but it was no use. I replaced the old one and got a new one, but I can't seem to be able to get my old files back unless I pay over 3K. So I apologize to all the people that I did reviews on and I will hopefully get my brain working again and recall what nice and not so nice things I said about you. Till then bear with me and join me as I mourn the loss of all my precious files.


Flower.of.Chaos said...

Thats so sad to read SD!!

I'm just glad to see you back. *hugs*

SleepDepraved said...

**hugs** I missed you.... and the few times I did get a chance to chat with you were short. I am sad about my files too but as one of my friends pointed out its possibly a sign from God that I should stop listening to music since erm about 70% of my harddrive was media files.

Lone Dreamer said...

Hi SD! Missed you girl. Hope you had a fabulous time and I can't wait to read about it.

About the reviews - take a long, long break. Don't stress yourself out. And make sure you get ALOT of help from the lazy bums FOC, Shafi and Firefly. Those little slavedriver punks! :D

Sorry about your laptop too. Hugs and sloppy kisses. ;)

Firefly said...

^ Sloppy kisses? Eww.

SD, welcome back sweetie. I was wondering just how long your holiday was when we didnt see hide nor hair of you for months! But I see it was all down to your laptop. My sympathies are with you. I hope you gave a good knock to the perpetrator.

Good to have you back!

TheAdvocates said...

^^Firefly, your blog has made me reboot many atimes; it is now becoming a ritual... what kind of software are you deploying to captivate visitors at your presence? :)

Welcome back SD, your posts have been missed..although I was doing much blogging lately. Hope you had a lovely time in Mombasa...

Firefly said...

^ Hello Advocate,

There are massive problems with the blog and I have given up. That's why I haven't bothered updating regularly, it's too much hassle. But so is moving elsewhere, since I have to transport all my posts manually.

What to do? I'm open to any and all suggestions. :(

Dreamer said...

how about starting over at wordpress and keeping your present blog where it is. so when wordpress finally decides to allow blogger beta to be transported to it's can move it then?

we miss ur blog.

TheAdvocates said...

Firefly, how do you usually change templates? Download the template into your computer or copy/paste the scripts? I don't know but I think you are totally downloading and that may be creating the problem.... Copy pasting might be work better in terms of speed...

As for moving posts, I think Blogger Beta doesn't yet allow moving posts to wordpress which is the only other alternative. But if you were using old blogger you can move all your templates to wordpress.

What seems to the main problems you have with the blog yourself?

Dreamer said...

^Actually, I just checked. And wordpress is allowing posts to be moved from blogger beta.

So no excuse firefly :P

Firefly said...

^ None offered.

Thanks guys. I will start moving asap. You can come and check out my new digs once it looks decent enough.

TheAdvocates said...

^^Seems you've outdone yourself with the template you have now. Simply perfectos! I like it... congrats for overcoming the glitch! It takes lots of techie-ness!

The Rendezvous said...

One advise though,

Sometime some templates ain't compatible for various reasons and can easily be skipped during moving process.

Copy all your previous templates, am sure everyone likes this google template into MS word first.

and avoid BETA's...Go to roots until a time when u have the Full version.

Firefly said...

Thanks advocate! (Didn't need much techie-ness - monkey could have done it. Aha. *nods*)

TheAdvocates said...

^^Yeah, right! Now that it is solved. Some other day, eh? Not that I am praying you get the same glitches...but who knows ;)

Abdulrashid said...

Hey guys SD's Corner told me there is a Somali blogs directory. I'm just started blogging so add me to your list.

Firefly said...

Hi and wlc to Somali Blogs, Abdulrashid. Your blog has been added to the listings.

TheAdvocates said...

Welcome to SomaliBlogs, Abdulrashid. Now how about African Blogs in

Joined it yesterday and I think Somaliblogs need to be added there. We are the only ones missing from the list of African bloggers!

Nomad said...

I hope your trip was nice, and sorry about the files. It was predestined, totally meant to be, maybe this will lead to other great things.

Much love hun.

Care adding my new blog to the blogroll and perhaps deleting my previous?

My new one is

Firefly said...

Hi Nomad,

We've added your new blog to the list. Are you sure you want your old one taken off? Only, I noticed you hadn't transferred your old posts to your new blog.

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

I write a little as well. Inshallah come by when you have some time to read.

Wa salaam,

nuh ibn

AbdiNassir said...

I happy to see that the nuber of Somali bloggers is growing. If you would to visit my blog, here it is

AbdiNassir said...

I happy to see that the nuber of Somali bloggers is growing. If you would to visit my blog, here it is

Piercing Whispers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Piercing Whispers said...

Hey guys!
I'm also new at this bloggin business!
So yeh...If you could add me to your list too that'd be awesome!

P.S. SleepDepraved: Never trust africans with technology! lol

Piercing Whispers said...

And this blog too Inshallah!
Thank you!

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