Thursday, September 21, 2006

Collage of the world

On February the 16th, Espresso Royale Commentaries, the blog child of three people was conceived. The proud parents were Banaadir, Madame Mysterious and off course Urban-Geeljire. A precedent was set early on with the first post linking an article by Abubak Ali,"The Land of the Gods-A brief study of Somali Etymology and its historio-linguistic potential." From then on there was no looking back. From the Cartoon controversy to politics in East Africa to reflections of trips back home, this blog certainly does cater to most palates. Personally my blog hopping is not complete without taking a look at this blog. A recent addition to the contributors is Maua and Cjuu preceding her/him. Maua is a contributor to another website, which at first glance seems to be a commentary site geared to kenyans. I recently became more intuned to media and one phrase that has struck me is "imagined community". Somali blogs is my imagined community and to make this community flourish, I would urge each and everyone of you to arm themselves with information. Information that not only pertains to us but to the world as a whole. Building these connections within our virtual somali community can then be translated and practiced in a real time society. Make it then your aim to learn something/gain new understanding each time you visit our virtual and thriving somali community.


Firefly said...

Nice review. I enjoy reading Espresso Royale Commentaries as well.

Imagined Communities fits the cyber world perfectly, doesn't it?

SleepDepraved said...

Thanks FF. The phrase comes from a book titled just that. Pretty interesting concepts in that book not that I am plugging it ;)I definately can see some uses of it in somali communities. We already engaged in fadii kudirii we might as well be exposed in information gathering and sharing that moves us forward.


Yo, wuzz up gurlz, mad luv and big shout out to Firelady, Sleep-walking-Lady and ( where iz ma lil doll pucca? that wackie japanese doll who chewz peachie peachy all the time like that she ran out of otha fruitzy) mad luv to you all, and mad luv to all somalis on this joint. some of yo are really wack, neva-da-lezz I enjoy reading your trash more than you might think when my books are well balanzed ( that is if i write proper english as you all say).

What else? ye, Sleeping-Lady ma offer is still on the table after ramadan to be your shortie's daddy.. that is if you iz real and want to have the top dog shortie. then i will qualify the sperm-donner-of-year, top dog iz spreading his seeds from left to the

ye that mama-fock is trying to test ma nerve but I won't diss you this time, it is ramadan I have mad luv for you too. peace out lil mama.

Top-Dog out.

Pucca said...

correction, korean cartoon character.

about the expresso, the blog's hot and i've been a fan since day one; they're funny twist on news is refreshing. Overall peachy blog, a must read.