Saturday, October 14, 2006

A PEACHY character

Pucca's corner aptly named after a Korean character that doesn't give up was brought forth by Pucca. At the moment, I do believe it is manned by two other individuals. During the course of a year or so, I have wandered over to her side of the blogosphere to see what she is up to. Pucca has grown infront of my eyes. She constantly questions concepts/norms around her. One of my most memorable posts is one about her grandfather and how he passed away due to a reckless driver. The other post was the discovery of a recurring nightmare that she finally realized was a memory of her family's flight during the civil war. In her twenties, she sometimes gives me food for thought with her posts. I am not one to place people in boxes but I do believe she is the first somali I have ever met who is into alternative rock. In closing, I would like to say to me Pucca is a character and an interesting one at that.


Pucca said...

*cough cough* ahem...thank you thank you thank you, i'd like to take the time to thank all the little people i had to step over to get here, the big people i had to impress and last but most definatly i'd like to thank PUCCA, that little buddle of joy is truly what keeps my blog going *in tears* her cute fat cheeks...and her constant happy mood is exactly what keeps pokkah a cheerful peachy corner.

ps. i'd also like to thank sd for taking the time to notice me...and my rather interesting and PEACHY * could you edit and add that bit? i mean shouldnt i have my coined word in this post somewhere? plz...^_^* character. i totally agree...i've come a long way and grown up *i resent that 'in her twenties' comment..lady i've just stepped in now!* ...all that aside, dearest...huuno...pumpkin Thanks a bunchers!!

^_^ peace and god bless.

Firefly said...

^ LoL.

It's a great blog.

PearlsOfWisom said...

Assalamu 'alaikum wr wb,

nice blog masha'Allah, another Somali here :D

SleepDepraved said...

^^ you are welcome dear and added to our ever growing list.

Pucca, I am sorry about the in her twenties comment. I should have said tweens. Its more appropriate. If you really insist I will edit peachy in my post too.

Pucca said...

no need to apologize dear,i was kiddin! i havent a problem with being in my 20s; but plz do edit it just seems...empty without the 'peachy' in there.


nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the righteous believes in Somalia. May Allah (swt) reward your struggle and strife.

Wa salaama,

nuh ibn