Sunday, August 27, 2006

Stats and Twats

Since I have been forced to concoct something quickly, I shall post some traffic stats for the site. Yes, it's time for the good people of Bloggerland to sit back and tighten their belts for a statistics assault on the senses! Err, maybe 'assault' isn't the right word to use, perhaps 'tickle' is a better fit. Yes, that's it....get ready to be tickled, folks! Oh who cares...just pay attention, will you? Daft beggers.

Visitors to Somali Blogs

  • Total Number of Unique Visitors Since March: 5,987
  • Number of Average Visitors by day: 51
  • Number of Visitors this Week: 359

Country Share

Naturally, the Brits are not only the most active bloggers but they also make up most of the visitors. As usual they are followed lazily by the Americans and Canadians further down. A ragtag group of Arabs and Africans [Edit: and Europeans] bring up the rear. See the colourful diagram below for further clarification.

Interesting, huh?

Stats from Site Meter


Flower.of.Chaos said...

As usual they are followed lazily by the Americans and Canadians further down. A ragtag group of Arabs and Africans bring up the rear

OMG! I said 'spruce up', not offend our visitors!

Americans, Canadians and the rest of the world, I do apologise. We appreciate you, all 4-5 of you.

muslimah said...

asalamu alaikum

hmm....not offended

she really is sprucing things up around here!

Flower.of.Chaos said...

Am just curious.. is there like no blogger from down under (Australia + NZ)?

Firefly said...

^^ Do those people even know how to write? I kid, I kid.

Oh, and I am incapable of offending anybody! Ask WHOEVER you want.

Thanks, Muslimah. :D

Rant's of an angry somali man said...

hi i can i see the bosses of this site are here....flower of chaos n firefly...pliz can i be added on your least i can represent somali americans but i'm living here in london at the moment so i started a blog por favor can i be added firefly or flower of chaos.....aight sis!!!

Firefly said...

^^Hi Mr Angry...Welcome!

Of course you can be added to the list, but FOC will have to do that. I don't have the necessary password.

An American in London, huh? How are you coping?

Flower.of.Chaos said...

Hey Angry Somali Man, you've been added (I've also beamed ur blog to the top ;P)

Welcome of course, enjoy your stay in London too!

SleepDepraved said...

FOC lmao @ u trying to smooth the ruffled feathers by attaching a numerical value to our dwindling populace. I arched my eyebrow when I saw that comment though.

Wlc somali angry man with a spanish accent!

lama said...


I have been reading your blogs and there’s seems to be something rather captivating, For the amalgamation of blogs creates a something special, I think it is termed a community.


SleepDepraved said...

Oi, if you were editing you could have cleaned it up more than that couldn't you?

Lone Dreamer said...

FOC Qoute: [Americans, Canadians and the rest of the world, I do apologise. We appreciate you, all 4-5 of you.]

4-5? LOL. Now that is offensive :@

mumbles *damn british with their ugly accents*

euhippus said...

^Admit it, the accent is cute. It's the snooty attitude that's ugly.

Firefly, love the pie chart. But don't rest on your laurels.

The second word in the title tho, is it only in N. America that it is an objectionable term?

Firefly said...

^^ Erm no..but it rhymed, which is good enough for me. :D

What more do u want me to do to the post, SD?

Someone should probably post a blog review soon. *Looks pointedly at FOC*

SleepDepraved said...

lol @ euhippus. Nothing in N. America is objectionable except racial slurs. Listen to the radio lately?

**Remembers her 50 yr old cadaan boss singing the chorus to ms. new booty** Now thats objectionable

Admin said...

Assalamu 'alaikum wr wb,

A somali aussie blogger here :D firefly, yes, we do know how to write. Well, the city folks anyways :P

Interesting blog

NonChalante said...

Here i was looking for fellow somali really do exist....(sorry i'm a bit dramatic). Anywho, yes us pitiful Americans aren't that active I guess..blame our education system :d....."no child left behind" my butt!!
Hopefully i can get a few addies.. i have about the most pitiful page around..but hey its up~!

Flower.of.Chaos said...

Hey you two up there ^... Welcome.

Glad to see a Somali blogger from down under. Out of curiosity, are your mates in the blog Somalis too?

Firefly said...

Hi guys, welcome!

Admin, am glad to see an Aussie blogger. I thought you guys were just a myth.

Nonchalante, I've just given your blog a glance but it looks good. I'll read it in leisure once the panic in my head subsides (sometime next week I'A).

Hombre said...

Hardly surprisingly, i mean with the Somalis living in the States acting like gangbangers. With every male species being referred to "n!gga" and "h0e" for the females, i think that establishes the intellect of the majority of the SOmalis lviing in the states.

Which in turn reflects this static.

SleepDepraved said...

^^^I would be careful about putting all somalis under an umbrella like that kind sir! Tsk....there are rotten apples in every basket. Its not like a certain % of somalis in london/uk aren't jamacainesque.

Wlc to Admin,Nonchalante.

aaqil_102 said...


please do not generalize all somalis in the states refere them self as n's and h's please be more specific and say (some) younger genration do use those terms and grow out of it now they this is kool.............thats my take one that

Hombre said...

Should have said some, but regardless of that, the fact still remains that there are brainwashed Somalis out there. I got a problem with them, especially the so called "liberal" ones. Whether they're in North America/Europe/Africa/Asia, they still are numbwats.

Shafi Said said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shafi Said said...

Crickey, Looks like Its Mr Darcy and Ms Bennet are the way to go!

By the way, Firefly the word "Twats" is considered very offensive on this side of the Atlantic.

Anonymous said...

>:3 Mwa ha ha hamo

Tuke said...

I like the name!

somali_221 said...

I think the visitors are mainly Somali of the Diaspora. There are many, many Somalis in the UK, and in the US and Canada. As well as Sweden and UAE. I myself am a Somali in Canada.