Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hello Bloggers

Though it may seem that this place has been wilfully neglected by its authors as it stands derelict and without as much as a post or a comment in sight for months on end, a whole range of discussions have been taking place behind the screens. We have been discussing ways to improve this site and what topics you would like to be covered and discussed. But no matter how much we wrung our brains to obtain something useful, our efforts have been rather fruitless. And this is where you come in.

We thought of continuing with highlighting the blogs listed here and exploring one blog at a time and share it with everyone but that is not much of an undertaking. Only a handful of bloggers, who stand as solitary soldiers amidst an ambush, have taken the task to update their blogs regularly, while their comrades have already disposed of their weapons as work and life has become hefty on them. The once warm and cosy place now stands desolate and uninviting with a list of bloggers stranded on the far side, majority of whom the monotony of pinging themselves has gotten the better of that they have abandoned the task altogether. (Please remember to Ping yourselves guys, poor Firefly is exhausted doing it everyday!)

So here we are now, dear friends, inviting you into the discussion so that we can figure out a way to move on from here with the blog… Any suggestions are welcome!


Aya said...

Shafi and all,

1. Perhaps a good place to start would be to put under another heading those blogs that have not been updated in 12 or 18 months months or so. If the authors choose to update, they can ping (or e-mail you folks) and join the ranks of those in the trenches. Having people read encourages updating and may be new membership.

2. Another thought would be to have a monthly theme and encourage people to write at least 1 post that month. Tips on lifestyle, job hunting, school papers, new software, that kind of thing.

3. I've seen online communities have alerts for creative endeavours. Some of the folks here are quite talented in taking photos, writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry and so on.

Your resident eager beaver.

SleepDepraved said...

Thanks Aya. I knew you would be the forefront of the discussion. Definitely good suggestions as we move forward. Hopefully we will get more suggestions to incorporate as we move forward. In a month you should see new things and hopefully find a new way to ping, maybe something with RSS feed that links to blogs as they update.

Lonesome Dreamer said...
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Lonesome Dreamer said...

Some thoughts:

1. In the early days of Somaliblogs...the blogroll had a different updating system. All the updated blogs were automatically moved to the top - instead of searching through the list. Lazy me found that easier :) Any way you guys could bring that back so you can focus on the blogs that are actually updated once in a while?

2. To make Firefly life easier (poor baby :) why don't you guys place the 'Ping' link on the sidebar...on top of the blogroll so when people come to check the site out...they see it and remember to Ping themselves instead of searching through the posts for the address?

3. Agree with the theme post idea by Aya - I was thinking along those lines for a while too. It gets boring after a while to post about: I did this, I went there, I said that. We can do so much more with our blogs and still keep it personal & fun. We all have our own interests and passions...why not share & spark discussions? Some ideas can be found: here & here. And if that monthly theme idea is implemented...then maybe think about creating a single label/category used by those who participate.

4. I guess you guys are placing way too much pressure on yourselves (although we appreciate it very much): How about inviting guest posters from the blogroll once in a while to contribute (of course with approval from ya'll).

That's all I can think now...it's late & I'm feelin' brain dead...will add more as they come.

Salaam & good jobs guys.

Anonymous said...

About the community blogging thing why not have a Somali Bloggers group at Facebook to promote this site and get more people to partiticapte?

That would be cool.

AMTAF! said...

Hey guys;

First, let me say that I am glad that you guys are back to doing something about the site - I was getting a tad bit anxious.

Second, Aya's and Dreamer's ideas sound pretty good - esp' about themed posts and contributors to the site.

And lastly, not to put down the last idea about Facebook - I am not sure if that would be a good idea. I, for example, would not want to give up the little cloak of privacy I can hide behind when posting in my blog. Not to assume here, but I think that most would agree that we do have some form or other of anonymity in our blogs which we'll lose if we were to link them to our Facebook accounts.

AMTAF! said...

PS: Sorry Firefly - I will definitely ping myself from now on :)

Aya said...

Hey all,

I would second Lone Dreamer and AMTAF's suggestions to have volunteer contributions to the site. We all have busy lives and all the work should not fall on the 4 of you.


Pucca said...

That last idea of having other contribute sounds great, involving the bloggers listed here would definatly brighten up the place a new writer every now and then. The theme idea sounds like a neat idea too.
But that facebook idea dont sound too hot, i agree with amtaf on that one. i doubt many ppl want to shed off the cloak anytime soon *moi included*.

ps. LD mentioned that updated blogs being at the top..that feature should definatly be brought back. plz and thank you.

~peace and bless

Flower.of.Chaos said...

Lone Dreamer and Pucca, thats a simple request, so consider it done.

Having all the updated links at the top is a good idea, but it only works if people ping themselves. It would also help if you guys ping anyone who hasnt done it themself... because anyone can ping.

All your ideas have been noted and many thanks for the suggestions.

AbdiNassir said...

It is really a good idea to do something about this beautiful site. I'm ready to contribute though I have my own imperfections as far as blogging is concerned!

Adam Abdulle said...
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Adam Abdulle said...

how can i add my blog to the list? the name is


Flower.of.Chaos said...

Hello Adam, I've just added you to the list.

Welcome and Enjoy!

Firefly said...

Hello ALL,

Pinging ppl isn't a problem for me. It's the least I can do considering my lack of contribution to the site!

Muslimah said...

despite the fact that my blog hasn't been updated for a while, I pop in every once in a while to read other blogs. So seeing this place active as it used to be back in the day would be really cool.

As for ideas.....i have none right now. I did like having the updated blogs right on top.

and ..umm...i should probably know what 'pinging' is!

MF said...

Asalaamu Alaikum,

Great site you have here. I see you're looking for suggestions to make it better, this is my first time so i can't really help.

Goodluck with it all!

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

nothing said...

Thank you bro...


wiilqurbo said...

Hi guys
I always ping myself but my blog is not on updated list.

Angry Teenager said...

How do I get people to read my blog? :/