Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hello Bloggers

Though it may seem that this place has been wilfully neglected by its authors as it stands derelict and without as much as a post or a comment in sight for months on end, a whole range of discussions have been taking place behind the screens. We have been discussing ways to improve this site and what topics you would like to be covered and discussed. But no matter how much we wrung our brains to obtain something useful, our efforts have been rather fruitless. And this is where you come in.

We thought of continuing with highlighting the blogs listed here and exploring one blog at a time and share it with everyone but that is not much of an undertaking. Only a handful of bloggers, who stand as solitary soldiers amidst an ambush, have taken the task to update their blogs regularly, while their comrades have already disposed of their weapons as work and life has become hefty on them. The once warm and cosy place now stands desolate and uninviting with a list of bloggers stranded on the far side, majority of whom the monotony of pinging themselves has gotten the better of that they have abandoned the task altogether. (Please remember to Ping yourselves guys, poor Firefly is exhausted doing it everyday!)

So here we are now, dear friends, inviting you into the discussion so that we can figure out a way to move on from here with the blog… Any suggestions are welcome!