Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back from the dead

I figured I owed some of the folks an explaination for the hiatus I took. I was gone for a while to go visit my great grandma in Kenya and I made a few detours on my way there. Here is the deal, I went with my laptop with every intention of reading blogs and writing out my reviews for them. In the midst of the family gatherings and the late nights catching up I did get some reading done but I was unable to get proper internet connection, not to mention I was too impatient to wait for stuff to load on my page whilst using the poor excuse for internet in Africa. So I wrote it and saved it but the sad news is two days prior to my departure I had to make a one day visit and I didn't particularly feel like lugging my laptop with. I left it with someone and when I came back my laptop was not working. I figured they dropped it but they didn't own up. Back in the states the diagnosis was my harddrive was F**ked and I had to kiss all my files goodbye. I became a techkie not to mention all my friends tried to help me out but it was no use. I replaced the old one and got a new one, but I can't seem to be able to get my old files back unless I pay over 3K. So I apologize to all the people that I did reviews on and I will hopefully get my brain working again and recall what nice and not so nice things I said about you. Till then bear with me and join me as I mourn the loss of all my precious files.