Saturday, October 28, 2006

Come One, Come All

What are you doing on DECEMBER 15th?

I'll tell you what! If you are living in London attend the evening celebrating fatherhood, organised by Nomadic Expression and win prizes! The charity, Nomadic Expression, main objective is to bring young people and their parents together so that they may learn and play together. Aside from such a noble cause, Nomadic Expression also seeks to create leaders in the community. Their first project will be The Evening Celebrating Fatherhood. So Bloggers in UK, here are different ways to participate in making this an evening of bridges and ties that will usher in a new beginning.

1. The event will be organised by interested young people who will as a result gain experience in event management, PR & Media, fund-raising and sponsorship etc. See more here: Particular focus on CONEL, North London.

2. Nomadic Expression needs a leader in at least one school in North, South,East and West London. There are already leaders for South and North London.East and West Londoners- if you are a teacher or a youth worker at a school and want to be the charity's point of contact there, introducing the headteacher, head of years, teachers and students to the poetry contest, the story-telling competition and the evening celebrating fatherhood, get in touch. Poetry judge to be announced very soon! Information and support will be provided to you.

3. If you have a talent you would like to share with 500 people at the evening celebrating fatherhood get in touch and show us what you can do!Whatever age you are, remember the poetry contest, storytelling competition and talent sharing is open to you. See here:

4. If you run a business that can sponsor the event or contribute a prize to the poetry contest winners, write to us too.Nomadic Expression aims to bring together all involved every Saturday for a couple of hours to catch up on the progress of the competitors, leaders,talents. Venue confirmed soon.

It will be an evening full of talent and fun. Poets, perfomers, storytellers, comedians etc are going to grace the stage. If you have a talent that you want to showcase infront of 500 people please contact with your name, age and contact info. More information on entry guidelines and requirements can again be found @ Don't miss out on this night!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Eid Mubarak

I watched this group perform when I was in UK during Eid. It brings memories of the Eid festival held by the joint association of muslim students in Manchester. Eid Mubarak Ya Somali bloggers! May Allah accept our fast during the month of Ramadhan and may we incorporate the many lessons we learnt during Ramadhan into our daily life. May Allah help us in being fulltime muslims and not seasonal/part-time muslims. I pray this for me and for all of our Ummah. Amin!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A PEACHY character

Pucca's corner aptly named after a Korean character that doesn't give up was brought forth by Pucca. At the moment, I do believe it is manned by two other individuals. During the course of a year or so, I have wandered over to her side of the blogosphere to see what she is up to. Pucca has grown infront of my eyes. She constantly questions concepts/norms around her. One of my most memorable posts is one about her grandfather and how he passed away due to a reckless driver. The other post was the discovery of a recurring nightmare that she finally realized was a memory of her family's flight during the civil war. In her twenties, she sometimes gives me food for thought with her posts. I am not one to place people in boxes but I do believe she is the first somali I have ever met who is into alternative rock. In closing, I would like to say to me Pucca is a character and an interesting one at that.

A Minor Announcement

Blogrolling i.e. the site that shows the updated links has been down for two days and thats why the updated blogs have not been showing on the right hand side. So I've re-organized the links in alphabetical order (to make searching easier) until things get back to normal. Hope its as easy for you guys to find your favourite blogs now than it has been for the past couple of days. I know its quite annoying to individually check the various blogs for updates and mostly find out there have been none.