Sunday, August 27, 2006

Stats and Twats

Since I have been forced to concoct something quickly, I shall post some traffic stats for the site. Yes, it's time for the good people of Bloggerland to sit back and tighten their belts for a statistics assault on the senses! Err, maybe 'assault' isn't the right word to use, perhaps 'tickle' is a better fit. Yes, that's it....get ready to be tickled, folks! Oh who cares...just pay attention, will you? Daft beggers.

Visitors to Somali Blogs

  • Total Number of Unique Visitors Since March: 5,987
  • Number of Average Visitors by day: 51
  • Number of Visitors this Week: 359

Country Share

Naturally, the Brits are not only the most active bloggers but they also make up most of the visitors. As usual they are followed lazily by the Americans and Canadians further down. A ragtag group of Arabs and Africans [Edit: and Europeans] bring up the rear. See the colourful diagram below for further clarification.

Interesting, huh?

Stats from Site Meter

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Welcome New Member

Yes, SomaliBlogs has a new contributor who is far more active and vibrant than me and SD put together (or so we hope). Of course, in our defence, we have had alot to contend with lately.

Welcome Firefly.