Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America makes history

America tonight elected the first African American President not to mention one of the youngest.

Americans were not the only people glued to their screens (computer/TV/phone) but so were the rest of the world including Kenya. Americans decision to elect Barack Obama affects not only America but the rest of the world. Will this decision provide a better foot for America to stand on when dealing with foreign policies? We hope so. It is time for this spiral into chaos to stop and for America to gain control.

President Elect Barack Hussein Obama made a touching speech in Chicago that made many emotional at witnessing this historic moment. He asked for the help of all Americans in changing where America is heading. He also pledged to listen to Americans especially when their opinions differed. He was humble and sombre as he retraced the historic moments America has witnessed. He acknowledged everyone who helped him in his journey and asked for hope to reign as he sets about returning America back to its former glory (even remarking that it might take more than a term to do that).

Tonight America proves that Americans do have a voice thus congratulations President Elect Barack Hussein Obama.