Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bloggers Fear Somali Insurgency

As the conflict in Somalia intensifies and the situation worsens, the world media promptly seeks out for the uncensored reactions of the people of The Horn in the Diaspora. And in today’s world what better way to do this than in the blogging world. Just like in Baghdad, the media has now turned its face to the bloggers to assess the emotional impact the war in their native country has on them.

This latest article below comes from the BBC.

"Members of the international blogging community have given their reaction to the role of Ethiopian troops in Somalia where Islamic militias have been defeated.

"'The air raids have begun, the air raids have begun. Ethiopia has entered Somalia.' My mother kept repeating the words hardly able to believe it herself... Words I never thought I'd hear. Words that made my heart race and my blood boil. I cannot think straight."

That was the scene in the Canadian-Somali household of blogger Muslimah as Ethiopian and Somali government troops launched a devastating assault on Islamist forces in Somalia, pushing them out of stronghold after stronghold by sheer force of arms...

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I urge you, my fellow bloggers, to update you blogs regularly. Having a blog is easy but maintaining it requires some commitment – and that is what we need from you, that little extra commitment. With regards to matters concerning Somalis, the first place people will look at is the Internet and in particular the Blogosphere. Citizen journalism has taken off a long time ago, do your part!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

For better or worse, 2006 has gone forever. May this year be a long prosperous year for you and your family. May the fresh 365 days to come inspire you to do something fresh and amazing.