Monday, March 13, 2006

Bill Ainashe

Seriously I haven't abandoned you lot to fend for yourself. I apologize for not continuing to post the highlights for the bloogers as we find them. FOC has done a wonderful job of keeping me up with the new links and I appreciate and thank all those who help with tips and advice not to mention encourage us along the way.

Back to Bill Ainashe, shall we? What can I say about this brother? I am not one for politics as many of my friends can concur. I keep away from it at all cost. Somalia to me was but an abstract concept. I never set foot in the country nor was I ever inclined to find out about it. What Mukhtar Ainashe has done is open a portal for me to Somalia, put simply. Food crisis in Somalia is one of his sites that is linked in our blog. He is a graduate of University of Oslo, University of East Anglia & Sheffield Hallam University. He currently works at the World Bank in Washington DC and resides in the great state of Virginia. His blog doesn't only contain news about Somalia but it also contains very useful links to other sites that can help one to gather information on certain issues that he touches upon in his commentaries. Mukhtar is not afraid to speak his mind at all especially on issues that he feels passionately about. His approach seems to break down the issue in a logical progression which lets face it makes it easier for some of us who don't have a head for political discussion. Last but not least he is an avid cyber contributor in every sense of the word i.e he pops up in some sites and articles. I will wrap up the spotlight on Mukhtar Ainashe by stating a suspicion I have of him. I do believe he is an SOL member and I for one would be mighty interested to know his username on that forum board. So bloggers if you wish to find out what is going on in your homeland stop on by Mukhtar's blog!