Wednesday, January 25, 2006


It would only be fitting if we started the ball rolling with our resident blogger Mr. Ngonge. His blog professes to know THE MYTH ABOUT GOLDFISH. Ngonge's blog is a blog that will let loose the mirth of childhood. He takes the mundane of things and builds a world of imagination around it. His style of writing is reminiscent of Paulo Coehlo in simplicity but Ngonge adds a dose of humor. More importantly to note though is that Ngonge's writing does not only amuse but educates. These stories leave a mark on your mind and at times they pull at your heart strings because they remind you of your past. Definately a wonderful blog to go through whenever you need amusement and smarts in the same dose.

Ps:- Ngonge also has a second blog with almost similar tales called Nomadic Ramblings.
Happy Reading.

Welcome Message

Welcome... this blog will house all the somali-written (As in the person being somali... not the language... see the problem with having both the language and the people being called by the same name? I propose 'Somalian' for the people.. :D) blogs around the globe. There is only one criterion to being linked - you must hail from or have roots in the horn (Somalia, Somaliland).

The aim of this blog is to create a resource of somali blogs. Several times a month we will highlight a blog of choice. The post will include a slight synopsis of what the blog is about and of course if we know a little about the author we will highlight key points of what their aim of blogging is and how they got into the 'bloggin scene'. We would really appreciate any help we receive and of course co-operation of our fellow bloggers. Inshallah this will be a wonderful endeavor for both the reader and us.

If you are a somali blogger, please leave us a comment on this post and let us know where your blog is so we can link you.